Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shoparoo?

Shoparoo is a free iPhone and Android mobile application that turns pictures of your receipts into cash donations to the school or charity of your choice. Rewarding and easy, Shoparoo is already being used as a fundraising tool in over 7,000 schools across the country. Just take a few moments to snap a picture of your grocery receipt on your smartphone, and voila - you've made an instant cash donation! Parents, teachers and other supporters love Shoparoo because they can shop anywhere and buy anything just like they always do, quite unlike most other fundraising programs.


What kind of smartphone or tablet is required?

Shoparoo is available for both Android and iOS devices made within the past two years. The device that you use must have a functioning camera with good resolution (2MP+) to ensure that your receipt photos come our clear and legible. This means that two-thirds of Americans can use Shoparoo on their mobile devices to donate receipts to their chosen school or charity - and that percentage is rapidly growing.


How much money can be raised with Shoparoo?

The amount an individual school or charity can raise with Shoparoo is limitless - although it is very much dependent on how many supporters donate their receipt to your cause. Most schools, however, will raise an amount similar to that of the other popular grocery label collection programs. This means that a school or charity with roughly 50 active participants can raise $1,000 per year through Shoparoo.


How much are Roo Points worth?

This year we've boosted Roo Points by 50% so that receipts that are :

Less than $10 = 10 Roo Points
$10 - $50 = 20 Roo Points
$50 - $100 = 30 Roo Points
$100+ = 40 Roo Points

With many of our participants submitting receipts in the lower total tiers, we decided to double those Roo Points to make those receipts more valuable.

Is there a minimum threshold for payment?

Starting in the 2013 - 2014 school year schools raising at least $50 will receive a check for the full donation amount earned. If the $50 threshold is not met, funds raised will simply roll over to the next year.

How will schools and charities receive these funds?

Shoparoo users designate a school or charity as their cause to donate their receipts to when they initially sign up in the app. Every time a user opens the app, they see the progress their cause is making. This is shown on the home (cause) screen - which reflects the overall Roo Points total, dollars raised, top contributors and other fun stats! Shoparoo mails a check to each school's principal (or coordinating PTA/PTO if registered with Shoparoo) in early August each year based upon the total Roo Points accumulated through July 31st.


Can I change my cause (school or charity)? What if I have kids at different schools?

You can change your designated school or charity at any time within the Profile screen in the app. The Roo Points you've already earned will be donated to the cause you're leaving and any future Roo Points earned will be donated to your newly selected cause. At this time, this is how parents support the multiple schools their kids attend.

How can you afford to pay these donations?

Major consumer goods companies pay us to turn the receipt data into anonymous market research reports. For example, these companies pay for information such as, "Families in the Phoenix area are 20% more likely than the rest of the country to shop for laundry detergent at a supercenter than a traditional grocery store." In addition, brands may provide sponsored offers such as, "Receipts containing purchases of Brand-X products earn double donations during September!" These bonus offers are in addition to the rewards earned for every receipt regardless of the products purchased.


What if there is some data on my receipts that I don't feel comfortable submitting?

Participants are free to cross-out any data on their receipts if they don't feel comfortable submitting them. As long as the store name, date, total and most purchased items are legible, the receipt will still receive donation credit.

How is Shoparoo different from other school fundraising programs?

With nothing to buy, sell, collect, count or mail-in, Shoparoo is the most hassle-free platform available. In comparison to other grocery-related fundraising programs, Shoparoo does not require you to shop at specific stores or buy specific brands. This means that EVERY grocery receipt (regardless if it's from the biggest name grocer or your Mom and Pop grocer on the corner) is eligible to be turned into an instant donation to your cause.


Does my school need a designated coordinator?

No. Shoparoo is truly hassle-free. There is nothing to collect, count, mail-in or track - it's all done automatically for you, which means you don't need someone at your site to handle everything.

That being said, those schools and charities that promote participation (via newsletter blurbs, Facebook posts, and etcetera) tend to earn far more from Shoparoo. Encouraging the person who typically leads fundraising initiatives at your organization to promote Shoparoo among your community could lead to a much bigger check for you at the end of the year.


How much work is it, really?

One of the best things about Shoparoo is how EASY it is - it just takes a few seconds to snap a picture of your receipt after each trip to the grocery store. And, since there isn't anything to collect, sell or mail-in, your school won't even require a coordinator. Shoparoo digitally manages the tracking and donations for both you and your cause. If you have any questions or hiccups along the way, our awesome team is always around to answer any questions or provide support. Contact us through the app, or send us an email at


Is my school eligible to participate?

All accredited K-12 schools, colleges & universities in the United States are eligible to participate. Home school organizations with IRS 501(c)(3) status are also eligible. If you do not see your school in the Shoparoo app, please contact us at


Sounds too good to be true... is Shoparoo a scam?

Not at all! We are former teachers and retail industry executives who have found a novel way of matching schools' needs for financial support with major consumer brands needs for market research. Your receipt data along with the answers you provide to optional surveys is made anonymous and summarized in market research reports that brands purchase. It is these proceeds that flow through Shoparoo to your designated school or charity.


Can Shoparoo be used to raise school specific funds (soccer team, art club, etc.)?

School administrators and/or PTA/PTO leaders may choose to designate the funds raised through Shoparoo to a specific class, sport, activity or purpose. If there is a special circumstance at your school please send us a message at


How does the district-wide competition / bonus work?

In addition to monthly reward contests, Shoparoo offers district-wide challenge opportunities in which schools and their districts can receive large cash bonuses on top of their everyday receipt-based donations. The bonus amount and the competition specifics are dependent upon several variables, including the size of your school district. Please reach out to if you would like to inquire further about earning this type of bonus donation.


How does the $1 bonus work?

Shoparoo will donate $1 for the first 20 users of a school. Simply install the app, and upload a receipt to get your instant $1 donation. Be sure to invite friends and other community members to join Shoparoo so they can take advantage of the $1 deal as well


When will we receive our donation checks?

Shoparoo sends donation checks each year in early August for almost all schools. If your school starts later than early August, Shoparoo may wait until the first week of school to mail the check to help ensure that it is received by someone able to deposit it. Please note that bonus checks from many monthly contests and from sweepstakes may be mailed immediately after the contest.

Sounds great! How do we get started?

There are many ways to get your school's parents started with Shoparoo. Here are a few easy places to start:

  • Feature Shoparoo in any summer newsletters / emails sent out to parents;
  • Mention Shoparoo in any fundraising program announcements or alongside any reference to your existing label collection fundraisers;
  • Bring up Shoparoo at any PTO or PTA meetings.

You can also check out our Get Started Page for more details

If you would like help getting started, please contact us at the address below. In addition, we'll be adding messaging guides, form letters & one-pagers to this website as August approaches.

For any additional questions or feedback, please send an email to