Generate Insights. Target Offers. Reward Loyalty.

Shoparoo allows brands to understand and engage individual shoppers across retailers in ways never before possible.

The item-level receipt data generated by Shoparoo users is swiftly becoming the industry’s largest source of integrated shopper insights across all retailers. Moreover, Shoparoo makes these insights actionable by providing highly targeted opportunities for brands to engage these shoppers along their path-to-purchase. Finally, Shoparoo offers brands a revolutionary new approach to rebate & loyalty programs.


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The Shoparoo Difference

With Shoparoo, you can:

  • Target offers to shoppers at any retailer(s) based on their actual purchase histories
  • Build brand loyalty with a solution that provides consumer insights and engagement
  • Quickly measure trial & repeat purchases of new products across retailers
  • Analyze trade promotions beyond lift with real ROI drivers such as switching and pantry stocking
  • Measure the sales impact of digital and social media marketing initiatives

Shoparoo’s patent-pending platform empowers brands to incent and reward shoppers beyond price discounts alone. In addition, participating brands can leverage Shoparoo to generate targeted offers and incentivized calls-to-action such as trying new products, viewing branded videos or visiting and liking your Facebook site. Finally, Shoparoo was developed by retail data analytics experts to provide the most comprehensive set of cross-retailer, omni-channel shopper insights that the industry has ever seen.


Find Out What Shoparoo Can Do For Your Brand

With flexible start & end dates and full budgetary control, there’s simply no risk in piloting with Shoparoo. So, whether you’re looking for a creative way to drive more volume, or simply want a holistic understanding of how your shoppers buy – regardless of where they shop – we’ve got a solution for you.

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